Marple & District
2019 Centenary Year
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A range of herbs both culinary and medicinal will be available from Angela Sidwell of Woodruff Nursery

The herbs available are likely to be:

Kitchen Bay,
Lemon Balm,
Balm of Gilead,
Babbington Leek,
Wild Chicory,
Celery Leaf,
Lawn Chamomile,
Dyers Chamomile,
Green and Bronze Fennel,
Flat Leaf Parsley,
Mint ( Apple, Spanish, Tashkent, Pineapple, Japanese),
Thyme (Woolly, Minimus, Snowdrift),
Ox Eye Daisy,
Wild Rocket,
Ladies Bedstraw,
St Johns Wort,
Greater Knapweed,
Common Toadflax,
Wild Strawberry,
Broad Leaf Sorrel,
Salad Burnett,
Sweet Woodruff,
Red Campion,
Golden Oregano,
Compact Marjoram